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HIV Awareness Training & Education

The driver for strand three is the lack of cohesive publicity concerning HIV, sound bites and snippets of information from National and International news items about HIV drip feeding the Nations psyche on the progress of this illness. No real effort by this or past governments have been made since the early 1980s to mount a HIV campaign designed to bring the population up to date about effective treatment regimes, the numbers of people being infected in the UK and HIV testing procedures. The closest the establishment have come to doing anything proactive about publicizing HIV is the statement put out by Lord Fowler who chaired the House of Lords select Committee Report on HIV and AIDS in the UK late in 2011. This report suggested that not enough was actually being done to make people in the UK aware of the prevalence of HIV, and that we must increase awareness of the need for HIV testing.

The purpose of strand three is to inform people living in Cornwall that HIV has moved on since those 1980s adverts with tombstones and icebergs, and medical advances in the treatment of HIV have transformed this scary illness into a chronic not terminal affliction. It is also about making people aware that the numbers of people living with HIV in Cornwall is growing and that practicing safe sex is the only way to combat the spread of HIV. Finally it is about getting the message out that HIV is affecting all sections of society not just the old stereotypical groups that were often demonised in the press.

This intervention is delivering HIV Awareness Training to professional and front line staff delivering services to the general public, it is also about going into schools across Cornwall delivering HIV awareness classes as part of the school PSHE curriculum. Adult training will be delivered at KPS Trebullom Respite Centre and naturally, the KPS schools and colleges programme for 2015 and beyond will be appropriately adapted and delivered in participating schools and colleges across Cornwall. The KPS Enabling Futures project will bring together the driver, purpose and intervention in a clear, concise and meaningful way. For further details contact the KPS Trebullom Manager (Sunnie Jarvis) on 01566 86378. Alternatively, you can Email her at: trebullom@kpsdirect.com.



Services Inclusive

Buffet Lunch with tea/coffee for the attendee(s) of the training course(s) - KPS Trebullom has been awarded a Level 5 Food Hygiene Certificate for 2013/14, details of which, can be found by clicking on the graphic adjacent and taken to the Food Safety Standards website to confirm this certification.

Access to the KPS Resources Library. Including; A wide range of reference books, other media, computers and printing facilities with WiFi connection for a delegate's own laptop if required.

Inclusive services:

Delegates and professional will be trained in 5 star style luxury. KPS Trebullom provides an opportunity for respite and retreat. The recently refurbished 18th Century farmhouse is set in 11 acres of countryside and farmland in a rustic and beautiful part of north Cornwall.

The training courses will from 10am until approx 3pm with a buffet lunch included.

KPS offers effective liaison with your local Department of Adult Social Care, Children's Services, Health Services and other statutory and voluntary organisations for access to training courses.

Schools Training Programme

Our volunteer trainers will be going into schools and colleges over the next three years offering short information and HIV, sexual health training to a wide range of children and students.

You can download our latest HIV - the Facts information leaflet below

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Food Hygiene Rating

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If would like the opportunity to access this service for 2015 and beyond further details and rates are available by contacting the KPS Trebullom Manager (Sunnie Jarvis) on 01566 86378. Alternatively, you can Email her at: trebullom@kpsdirect.com.




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