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What is it?

Homoeopathy has been practised in many countries for two hundred years and has proved very effective in the treatment of all kinds of illnesses, both old and new. It helps people not just with their illness but also to regain general good health where they are no longer dependent on medicine or therapy. It works by stimulating the body's own natural healing abilities.

What can it do for me?

Most people come to homoeopathy with a specific ailment, which may be recent or perhaps a long standing condition that has not responded to conventional treatment. For the latter, homoeopathy often brings lasting relief in cases which otherwise would require continuous drug therapy. Others come with no specific illness but feel generally unwell or rundown. For them homoeopathy can quickly restore their state of health and well-being. Most conditions can be treated and amongst the more common are migraine, asthma, stomach problems, sinusitis, skin conditions and allergies. Depression, anxiety and insomnia can also be relieved by homoeopathic treatment.

How does it work?

The homoeopathic approach is to consider people as whole individuals rather than just their ailments. It goes to the causes of their illnesses rather than just their symptoms, taking clues from the body's own efforts to heal itself. So it is perfectly possible that two people with the same complaint will be prescribed different remedies. What you will find in a consultation with a homoeopath is that you will be asked many questions on your physical, emotional and mental state This is because the homoeopath needs to gain an understanding of you as a person.

Is it safe?

Most remedies that homoeopaths use are derived from plants, others come from minerals or metals. They are administered in minute doses so they are perfectly safe and will cause no unpleasant side effects. You can also take these remedies at the same time as conventional drugs. The remedies are aimed at stimulating the body's own natural healing processes - they help the body to heal itself.

How quickly does it work?

This will very much depend on your general level of health and the type of illness you have. Homoeopathy generally works from the inside outwards, because it is dealing with the causes of your illness and not just its symptoms. In a complex condition that say manifests itself in a skin disorder, it may well be that the skin condition is the last to go. Simpler conditions may disappear very quickly. Sometimes you may find that your symptoms get worse for a short time before getting better. People who have had homoeopathic treatment often find that their state of health and well-being have been greatly improved. 


Homoeopathy can be very helpful to women throughout their lives. Homoeopathic remedies, chosen to raise the general level of health, are nearly always successful in relieving pre-menstrual tension and heavy or painful periods. Taken before conception they can contribute towards creating a healthy baby. A number of homoeopathic remedies are excellent in relieving the troublesome symptoms of the menopause.

Children are particularly responsive to homoeopathic treatment. Physical and behavioural problems are often quickly resolved. Recurrent colds, ear infections, sore throats and cough are often symptoms of low vitality as are slow development and poor appetite. Homoeopathic medicine, prescribed to fit the individual child, can swiftly raise the child's general health, giving the child much greater resistance to infection. Behavioural problems such as sleeplessness, bed wetting, tantrums and hyperactivity can also be quickly resolved by homoeopathic treatment.


Long standing conditions demand careful, in-depth assessment of the person's physical, emotional and mental state and so require lengthy consultation. However, many acute conditions can be treated in a short time. These are illnesses or injuries that will heal themselves in time but which can be painful or unpleasant, keeping us from normal activities. Homoeopathic medicine can reduce the severity of the symptoms and help speed the healing process. Some examples of conditions which can be quickly treated are:

coughs, colds, sore throats, influenza, digestive upsets, measles, mumps, chickenpox, whooping-cough, minor injuries such as; bumps, cuts, bruises  and sprains


Modern diets and the use of new materials in our environment are increasing the incidence of allergic reactions. Homoeopathic treatment can often relieve these allergies through improving the person's vitality and general level of health.

"Some basic principles in homoeopathy; Disease is a disturbance of 'vital force'. Symptoms are outward signs of the bodyÕs attempt to free itself from  disease. The body is self-healing, so the aim of any treatment is to remove obstacles and stimulate the body's own  hea[1]Áling power using the minimum intervention. A symptom may affect a particular  organ, but disease is of the whole. Suppressing symptoms will not cure disease but will drive it inward and make it worse. To achieve cure one must always work with the totality of symptoms physical, emotional and mental;  treating an isolated symptom is likely to be suppressive. The nature and order of appearance of symptoms is the best guide to cure. In a true cure symptoms will disappear in the reverse order of their appearance". Positive Health, Oct/Nov 1995.

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