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kps housing support



Kernow Positive Support (KPS) Housing Related Floating Support operates within the community and from the KPS Advice Centre, The Piran Room, The Hub, Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro. Our essential Housing Related Support service covers the whole of Cornwall in this community outreach project. You can download an Acrobat PDF copy of our Housing Leaflet by clicking here or the graphic adjacent. For further information contact KPS on 01872 258453 (9.30am - 4.30pm - Monday to Friday).

The forms listed on the adjacent button links that are created in either 'Word' or 'PDF Acrobat' formats that can be completed via your PC and sent to KPS as an attachment via email. Alternatively, you can complete them on your PC or with a pen, print them and send via the post.

Please Note: Some PDF Reader Software may not allow you to fill in the form and save. Alternatively, you can use the Word Document 'Word Format. Please contact us if you have problems.

Housing Related Support The confidential and empathetic provision of housing needs and related support services for vulnerable people living with HIV and AIDS which achieves the objective of improving or maintaining independence. The service is intended to provide specialist support particularly in times of crisis. To enable people to assess their independent living/life skills and to develop necessary skills through the provision of advocacy or referral for suitable training and support.

Effective liaison with social landlords, homelessness services, Department of Adult Social Care, Children's Services, Health Services, Youth Offending Team, National Offender Management Service and other statutory and voluntary organisations who may be a source of referrals or provide other services to service users. KPS will provide a support assessment to all those enquiring/accessing this service and priority will be given as appropriate.

Housing law & rights Advice and advocacy on homelessness legislation, local authority and other landlord lettings policies, tenant/landlord law, communal property rights, anti social behaviour action and processes for seeking possession and eviction.

Practical support Support with DWP benefits, in particular housing benefit, Income Support and JSA, DLA, and related premiums. Assisting people to access Social Fund and other grants and loans, affordable furniture and the provision of adequate support in moving and resettlement. Other Advice, Advocacy and Support with money advice and debt management assistance. Support and assistance in negotiating with utilities, landlord and private companies to manage personal debts.

Service standard This service provides floating support to individuals or households requiring support because they are vulnerable and have a support need in relation to living with HIV. Those eligible to receive the service will be people who are living with HIV and have support needs, are homeless and/or at risk of losing their home, are moving on from supported housing or a family home to independent living, and are unlikely to sustain their independence without support. KPS have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience of housing-related support and of working with people living with HIV.

If you decide to register with KPS for support you will be given a KPS Client Handbook. You can take a look here at our 'Client Handbook', which is available as a download in Acrobat PDF format by clicking on the button adjacent. If you require housing related support you will need to register by completing our referral and support forms located on our 'Housing Advice' section of this website which can also be downloaded.

other information & help

We have included additional links and information that may be of some help regarding housing and associated issues below:

Cornwall Adult Care, Heath & Wellbeing
County Hall,
Cornwall TR1 3AY

Tel: 0300 1234313

The Adult Care and Wellbeing programme offers vulnerable people the opportunity to improve their quality of life by providing a stable environment which enables greater independence.

It will deliver high quality and strategically planned housing-related services which are cost effective and reliable, and complement existing care services. The planning and development of services will be needs led. Cornwall Adult care and Wellbeing is a working partnership of local government, service users and support agencies.


Brigstowe Project
176 Easton Road,
Bristol, BS5 0ES
Tel: 0117 941 5188
Fax: 0117 941 5189
Westaids Website:

This organisation is based in Bristol. However. they specialise in housing advice for people infected/affected by HIV and related issues, and are willing to give advice to anyone who calls irrespective of the area in which they live. Click on their logo above to find out more about them.

Devon & Cornwall Housing Association
West Cornwall Office
Kenwyn Street,
Truro TR1 3BA
Tel: 01872 267300
Fax: 01872 260397

East Cornwall Office
5 Heathlands Business Park,
Heathlands Road,
Liskeard PL14 4DH
Tel: 01579 340404
Fax: 01579 340789


YMCA Cornwall
International House
The Orchard
TR18 4TE
Tel: 01736 365016
Fax: 01736 334823
Housing Advice Line: 01736 334825

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