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intercom trust


South West support for sexual orientation issues

The Intercom Trust is an organisation to support lesbians, gay men, bisexual women and men, transgender people of all genders and orientations and the community as a whole. This organisation operates in the South West: Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset. The Intercom Trust is a registered charity no. 1072772. The Intercom trust was founded by local Lesbian, Gay men and Bi-sexual (LGB) people in August 1997. They chose the name intercom (short for 'intercommunication') because they hope to help make links between isolated and vulnerable LGB people and the wider community of the rural South West in which we all live.

Click here to see their Mission Statement.

How can you help?

Most of Intercom's work is entirely unfunded. Only three things keep the Trust going - their volunteers, whatever fees they can earn from training and consultancy, and your donations. Please click here for more information about how you might be able to help keep the Trust's work alive .

Equal Opportunities in the Workplace

Lesbian Gay & Bisexual People now have full protection against harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Training Seminars

Intercom is providing seminars for employers across the South West to help workplaces become compliant with the new Regulations, which came into force on 1 December 2003. For more information, and a list of seminars you can book in for, go to:

Help line

Fighting your Corner? Advice & Support Services The Trust's Advice and Support services are open to anyone in the Four Counties - Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset - who are affected by issues of sexual orientation, or homophobia. There is no charge. It does not matter if you yourself are not actually LGBT. If in doubt, call them. As long as it's something to do with sexual orientation or homophobia (e.g. prejudice, discrimination or harassment), they will try to help.

Cornwall Devon & Isles of Scilly LGBT Police Liaison Group

They exist to:

  • respond when lesbian gay bisexual or trans people contact us to say that you've got concerns about policing or police or crime issues.
  • eliminate inequality of policing.
  • reduce Prejudice within the police service.
  • effective influence on police strategy and policy-making, and how these affect us.
  • reduce prejudice-related crime against Lesbians, Gay men, Bisexuals and Transgender people.

For the full Terms of Reference etc. of the Group, click here .

Other initiatives include:

  • Local Government strategies.
  • Rural Issues.
  • Community Safety.
  • School Bullying.
  • Training & Consultancy.
  • Women's Issues.
  • Young People.
  • Older People.
  • Transgender Issues.
Further details and information on the work carried out by the Intercom Trust can be found out by contacting below:

The Intercom Trust
P. O. Box 285, Exeter EX4 3ZT
Main Office: 01392 201015
Equal Opportunities Training Project: 01392 201012
Help line: 01392 201018
Women's Officer: 01392 678745
Fax: 01392 201630


General Enquiries:
Help line:
Equal Opportunities Training Project:
Police Liasion Group:


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