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natural healing


What is it?

Natural or Spiritual Healing is the beneficial effect which healers are believed to have on clients when motivated by their own beliefs and following their normal practices. They administer healing by contact through the hands or by thought. Curing the physical condition is only one aspect of healing. The true purpose of healing is to awaken a persons spiritual nature so that it may express itself by taking control of the whole personality. Its' aim is to speed the evolutionary process by promoting self-awareness, so that the individual will recognise the purpose and rise to the challenge of daily trials instead of being submerged by them. Thus enabling a person to live in balance and harmony, at ease, rather than out of balance in disharmony, causing dis-e[1]Üase. Healing harmonises and calms the inner frustrations.

Who can it help?

People from all backgrounds and health conditions report physical and/or psychological benefits from receiving Spiritual/Natural healing. It is not necessary for the client to have any religious beliefs for healing to be effective, but to get the most out of a session, it is useful if the client can be receptive to deep emotional and subconscious feelings that may occur. All conditions and illnesses have been known to respond to healing but not all people respond to healing.

What happens in a session?

A session lasts around fifty minutes. The healer attunes and is guided intuitively in general conversation. A brief relaxation occurs when the clien[1]t sits on a stool and the healer rests their hands on the shoulders, holds hands or connects by thought. Healing can be given on a couch or stool, the client positioning themselves so as to be comfortable and relaxed. A variety of sensations may be experienced - heaviness, pins and needles, sleepiness or calmness.

"To understand the basis of a healer's feeling one must appreciate the motive of his/her mission. Healing is a personal gift, which can belong only to those whose natures are compassionate and who radiate love in themselves, express it for others and in their way of life". Harry Edwards.

Books & Information

The Science, Art & future of Spirit Healing - Paul Miller
(Published by Harry Edwards)

Spiritual Healing Sanctuary
Burrows Lea, Shere.
Guildford GU15 9OG

The Spiritual Healer - The Journal of the Harry Edwards

Spiritual Healing Sanctuary - Founded by H. Edwards

National Federation of Spiritual Healing
Old Manor Farm Studio. Church Street,
Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex TW16 6RG

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