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our hardship fund

The Bill Sloan Hardship Fund

Our new and expanded Bill Sloan Hardship Fund (Formerly The Peace of Mind Hardship Fund) introduces new standards in more areas. The booklet expresses Kernow Positive Support's commitment to the fundamental values of our written constitution and our self-empowerment and Self-Help ethos. KPS also pledges to provide a comprehensive service available to all on the basis of the needs of those infected by HIV, regardless of the client's ability to pay. HIV Service Provision is evolving, responding to advances in medicine and the different ways we live. We want KPS to continue to serve you effectively as both your needs and its capabilities change. The hardship fund information booklet will help it do so, providing quality service provision into 2010 and beyond. You can download Acrobat PDF information About the Fund and an Application Form by clicking on the buttons adjacent.

an introduction to the fund

Purpose: To improve the quality of life for those living with

HIV/AIDS and their dependent children.

Kernow Positive Support will only consider applications when all other avenues of funding are unavailable. The Fund is not a substitute for statutory benefits, and limited to a maximum amount in any one financial year which is dependent on funding available. The current yearly maximum allowance per Client/Dependant Child can be obtained from KPS Client Welfare Services upon request. All new Client applications will be required to supply a certificate or statement from a Doctor/GP or Health Advisor confirming their HIV status. Those Clients, who have previously received or applied for assistance, need not provide evidence of status. An Advocate must submit all Applications in writing and/or a registered service users of KPS. Applications will NOT be processed if they are received from a client not registered as a service user of KPS, without an advocate.

Applications to the Fund will be considered from within the county of Cornwall, also applications to the Fund will be considered from outside these areas where there is no support structure available and the client is registered with KPS, although only up to £50 can be granted in any one year in this latter case. In emergencies funding can be approved within 24hrs of a normal working week, by direct consultation with the KPS Client Welfare Services through the KPS Office, through an advocate/KPS service user, this, however, must be followed by confirmation in writing, within 3 working days after the 24hr period.

other help

Kernow Positive Support can also help to assist in the purchase of mini-fridges for clients who require refridgeration for drugs whereby, it is unsuitable for them to use their domestic fridge for storage. Typically, these mini-fridges are of the type available from stores such as Argos. Also, this will allow KPS to supply 'Brita Filter' style jugs, for those clients vulnerable and concerned regarding the medical need for purified drinking water. Although, funding for these items are currently limited.

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