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community care grant


What is it?

  • Community Care Grants help people who are getting Employment Support Allowance, previous known as; 'Income Support' or income based 'Jobseeker's Allowance'', Universal or Pension Credit and who are likely to get one of these benefits when moving out of residential or institutional accommodation, and/or need essential replacement furniture, furnishings and white goods (Cooker, Fridge, Washing Machine etc.), and who are unable to afford replacements and help with travel costs etc., due to poverty or low income. The Community Care Grant was originally available from the Department of Work and Pensions. However, since the Coalition Government's new Welfare Reform a new replacement system of grant awards is now administered by your local authority (Council). Unlike the old DWP Community Care Grant, you will not receive the money to purchase goods. Your local authority will supply the goods applied for, if, your application (in part or whole) is successful. The goods may be 'used' (reconditioned) to comply with health and safety standards, or in a small number of cases new. As local authorities (Council's) may operate different grant award systems, and how they administer such, they may have a different name regarding this grant. If this is indeed the case, they may have a grant system similar to what was known as the 'Community Care Grant'. Check such a grant system is available to you locally, by contacting your local HIV support group, Citizen Advice Bureaux and other support groups. Cash awards may not be available for things such as travel expenses (keep receipts handy), as, if the local authority pays for travel expenses, they may need proof of expenditure. If you need help with travel expenses it may be prudent to ask for help prior to the journey/travel.
  • They help people live independently in the community and ease exceptional pressure on families.
  • They cover a wide range of personal circumstances and variety of needs and expenses.
  • They do not have to be paid back or returned.

Can I get it?

Do you:

  • Plan to leave residential or institutional accommodation?
  • Need help to stay in your own home and not go into residential or institutional accommodation?
  • Need help because you have had an unsettled way of life and are being resettled by an organisation like a local council, housing charity or local HIV support group?
  • Need help because you and your family face exceptional pressure, such as family breakdown or someone in the family having a long-term illness?
  • Look after someone who is ill or disabled, or has been released from custody on temporary licence?
  • Need help with expenses such as visiting someone who is ill, or to attend a relative's funeral?
  • Need help because you or your family are in a similar situation to any of the above?

If you answered YES to one of these questions, you can apply for a Community Care Grant.

What else should I know?

Community Care Grants are now administered by your local authority (Council). Whether you can get a Community Care Grant will depend on your particular circumstances. Grants are discretionary and subject to certain conditions. Grants vary from Council to Council and may not cater for travel expenses. You will need to enquire and get advice, as the new system employs different criterion and what is given in the form of a grant.

Savings will usually affect the grant and what you and your partner can get. (We use partner to mean a person you are married to or a person you are living with as if you are married to them.)

What might I get?

The grant awarded will depend on the circumstances. Grants from your local authority are not set in concrete.

How do I claim?

You should apply for a Community Care Grant if you are in any of the situations mentioned above.

It is important that we can be sure of your identity when you make an application. We may need to ask you about your background and look at any official documents you have to support the information you give.

You may be able to download a
Community Care Grant form

More information

Remember that this information is only a general guide to grants, benefits and schemes, and is not a full and authoritative statement of the law. We have made every effort to ensure that the information on our website is correct.

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